merka Educational Posters - Explorer Set - 8 Large Posters - USA and World Map, Human Body, Solar System, Calendar, Seasons, Money and More - Great for Home and Schools - Size 17 x 22 inches

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Brand: merka

Color: Explorer Set


  • HUGE WIDE VARIETY OF LEARNING TOPICS Our educational posters are thoughtfully thought from the ground up thinking always on trying to provide the most effective tools to teach our kids. They are perfect as school supplies, classroom decorations and homeschooling supplies.
  • POSTER BOARD THIN LAMINATE Beautiful illustrations with high quality materials and printing methods. Enjoy bright colors and beautiful illustrations and images for a fun learning experience with your kids. Great educational gifts for all ages.
  • WATERPROOF AND TEAR RESISTANT Our educational posters are water resistant, they are easy to clean too, so they are perfect as classroom supplies or homeschool supplies. Definitely a great learning aid material.
  • PERFECT FOR SCHOOLS OR HOMESCHOOLING This colorful learning aid material it’s perfect so your kids gain fast knowledge of new and valuable concepts focused on different topics.
  • AMAZING LEARNING TOOL Our Posters make a great learning resource for toddlers and children ages 2 and up. They are focused on different learning topics like solar system, body parts, periodic table world map poster and much more. Great as teacher supplies.

Details: Bring your kids the joy of learning through merka’s kid’s educational posters! No matter if you’re a parent or a teacher, you can teach kids through this wonderful series of kids’ posters. At a young age, children absorb information more quickly. When you want to unveil the world in your little one’s eyes, be sure to choose a fun and easy method. These educational posters for toddlers are thoughtfully designed to aid teachers or parents in learning endeavors. Our wonderful collection is designed for a variety of preferences and learning topics. Browse through all the kid’s educational posters and choose the perfect one. Are you a teacher? You will surely love the easiness and efficiency of the posters method. Take advantage of each class to introduce the kids to new information and topics. Use these classroom posters set and invite them to discover knowledge and associate it with objects. All learning posters for toddlers can be entertaining and interactive if used wisely. Besides, all of our learning posters are printed in high-quality, colorful materials and have a thin plastic layer on both sides what makes them waterproof and tear-resistant! Its size is perfect for decorating and stick them on the wall. It’s easy to become a fun home teacher with merka’s learning posters for toddlers. You can transform each quality time session into your classroom! If you want to take it even further, arrange the playroom to look like a small class and just enjoy it. You can also use the classroom posters outdoor, in your garden, for a fun session in nature. Make the most of any opportunity to ensure that your kid is learning easy and that his curiosity is always in check. Be sure to browse merka’s entire collection of kid’s posters and opt for the ones most appealing for you and your young ones. This wonderful teaching method will offer your kids a head start in their future knowledge.